Jun 17, 2024
UAE Adopts Electronic Tagging to Monitor Offenders

A New Era of Criminal Monitoring in the UAE

Electronic tagging represents a significant shift in the UAE’s criminal justice system, providing a technologically advanced method for keeping tabs on offenders. This system allows authorities to track the geographical location of individuals wearing the device, ensuring compliance with legal restrictions without e https://xn--0-k47az93hkug.com/resorting to jail time or police custody during investigations.


The Scope and Limitations of Electronic Tagging

The Law No. 17 of 2018 stipulates that electronic monitoring can be utilized temporarily as an alternative to police custody or as a substitute for a prison sentence. However, there are clear limitations to its use. For instance, electronic tagging is not applicable for crimes that carry mandatory deportation sentences, such as drug-related, sexual, and honor crimes.

The Impact on Legal Proceedings and Sentencing

The law also outlines the potential for electronic monitoring to be used during the criminal investigation stage or after a final judgment. If an accused is found guilty and sentenced to a fine, the court’s execution department is mandated to deduct 100 dirhams from the fine for each day spent under electronic monitoring.

Considerations for Professional and Personal Circumstances

Authorities are instructed to take into account the accused’s need to continue professional work, education, medical treatment, or other personal circumstances when deciding on electronic monitoring. The nearest police station is given the authority to supervise the execution of electronic monitoring, ensuring the accused complies with the order and the integrity of the device.

Duration and Extension of Electronic Monitoring

The Prosecution has the authority to implement electronic monitoring for a month, with the possibility of extending it for an additional month. Any further extensions require approval from the competent criminal authority.


Electronic Monitoring as an Alternative Sentence

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