Jun 22, 2024
You Don’t Have To Go Broke Playing Video Games

Smart Strategies to Save on Gaming Costs
Opt for Slightly Older Systems

One effective way to save money is by purchasing gaming systems that are a few months old rather than the latest models. This approach doesn’t mean settling for obsolete technology; instead, it involves mega888
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buying systems that were recently new but have since seen a price drop. For instance, the PlayStation 5, which launched at $499, saw a price reduction of around 10% within six months of its release (source: ). By waiting a few months, you can save a significant amount on your purchase.

The Reality of Depreciation

Even if you have the budget for the latest gaming system, it’s worth noting that these systems often lose about 50% of their value within a few months of release. This rapid depreciation means that the “latest and greatest” today will soon be replaced by an improved version. By opting for slightly older models, you can enjoy high-quality gaming at a fraction of the cost.

Upgrading Your PC: A Flexible Option

PC gaming offers more flexibility compared to console gaming. Instead of upgrading the entire system, you can often get by with just upgrading specific components. For example, if you have a relatively recent PC, you might only need to upgrade your graphics car

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