May 28, 2024
Festival du Film Aventure et Découverte, Val d’Isère

Overview of the Festival

Every April, the picturesque town of Val d’Isère, nestled in the Tarentaise Valley of the French Alps, becomes a hub for film enthusiasts and adventurers alike during the Adventure and Discovery Film Festival. Celebrating its 21st anniversary in 2023, the festival has become a prestigious event for showcasing documentaries that delve into adventure, exploration, and cultural encounters.

Val d’Isère, with its stunning alpine backdrop, offers more than just sceniciWonder
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beauty; it provides a perfect setting that reflects the spirit of the documentaries presented. Since its inception in 1996, the festival has grown in popularity, attracting a diverse audience eager to experience the thrill of adventure through cinema.
Highlights of This Year’s Festival
Event Schedule and Offerings

The 2023 Adventure and Discovery Film Festival is scheduled from April 18 to April 21. Admission to the festival is free, although reserved seating is available for purchase at the local tourist office. This year, attendees can look forward to an impressive selection of 11 documentaries. These films will be evaluated by both a panel of renowned adventurers and the festival audience.
Venue Information

The festival takes place at the Centre de Congrès, located in the heart of Val d’Isère. This central location not only facilitates easy access to the festival events but also allows visitors to explore the charming area.
Interactive Sessions

A distinctive feature of the festival is the interactive sessions following each screening. These discussions, led by the filmmakers themselves, offer insights into the making of the documentaries and provide a platform for audience engagement.

Additional Activities

Beyond film screenings, the festival is replete with exhibitions, debates, and firsthand encounters with adventurers. The event concludes with a prize-giving ceremony that celebrates the achievements of the filmmakers and the succe

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