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HolisticJunction.com Featured School of the Week August 5, 2007: Hypnosis Institute of Pennsylvania

Achieving your career as a certified hypnotherapist has never been easier. If you’ve ever thought that hypnosis involves “psychobabble” then you will be quite surprised when you learn how beneficial hypnosis can be to health and overall wellbeing through training at the Hypnosis Institute of Pennsylvania. 

The Hypnosis Institute of Pennsylvania’s professional 100-hour Hypnosis Certification Course, approved by the National Guild of Hypnotists, is offered twice annually, and is conveniently located inMichael Emery
Michael J. Emery

Devon, Pennsylvania. 

In the accelerated hypnosis certification program at Hypnosis Institute of Pennsylvania, students gain a wealth of education and techniques regarding hypnosis.  For example, some of the many facets of hypnotherapy, like training in self-hypnosis, awakening methods, hypnotic induction, and age regression are all part of the institute’s in-depth curriculum.  Additionally, students participating in the hypnosis certification course will learn a great deal about the theories surrounding hypnosis, and acquire practical training in this alternative healing art.

Hypnosis programs, such as the one offered through the Hypnosis Institute of Pennsylvania, teach candidates to not only help themselves and others  quit smoking and lose weight, but they’ll (hypnotherapists) also learn how to effectively use hypnosis to reduce stress, halt bad habits, manage pain, enhance overall physical performance, eliminate fears and phobias, enhance memory, and improve communication skills, among various other disorders and/or emotional conditions.

Once students have completed all required coursework and hands-on training at the Hypnosis Institute of Pennsylvania, graduates are eligible to take the National Guild of Hypnotists certification examination and become certified in hypnotherapy; and become an essential member of an ever-growing group of hypnotists. 

Though hypnosis is not a cure-all, it can certainly help to improve the overall wellbeing of individuals — emotionally, spiritually and physically. Once you’ve achieved your professional certification in hypnosis, you can begin to help others find the strength, courage and innate wisdom through self-empowerment and suggestive techniques to efficiently induce positive transformation and real change.

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