Jun 1, 2024
Hypnosis – What Do I Need to Know Before Using It?

subconscious mind to invoke change. Each method has its pros and its cons. We are all different, so it stands to reason that the best results will be gotten by utilizing the methods that each person will react favorably to.

Most therapists who sell hypnosis tapes offer programs that consist of standard traditionalMichael Emery
Michael J. Emery hypnosis methods.  A few vendors offer much more up-to-date and effective Ericksonian Hypnosis methods.  And fewer still offer NLP or Neuro-Linguistic Programming methods.

The newest and possibly most effective technique available is video hypnosis. Video hypnosis makes use of the latest NLP thought patterns to trigger instant change in a person. Video hypnosis techniques are not subliminal in nature.

With “Traditional Hypnosis,” we simply make direct commands to the subconscious mind. In case you are wondering, as far as I’m concerned, the term unconscious, and subconscious are indistinguishable — they refer to the same part of the mind. This type of hypnotism works well for an individual who generally accepts what they are told without having a lot of questions.


Most recorded hypnosis programs sold today are based on “Traditional Hypnosis” methods. This reason is it doesn’t really take much training or experience to create a script and just command a person to do something. Unfortunately Traditional Hypnotic suggestion is not very efficient for people who are critical or analytical in their thinking processes.

By contrast, Ericksonian Hypnosis and Neuro-linguistic programming techniques work far more effectively for most members of today’s generation! This is because today people are taught to analyze everything, rather than just copy what everyone else is doing. So these technologies do work very well on people who are analytical or critical in their thinking processes.

While it’s true that these methods have a mu

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