Jun 1, 2024
Using Self Hypnosis On Others

The subject of hypnosis is very mystical to many people. It conjures up exotic images of white-bearded men or evil, sinister villains.


Some people think self hypnosis is dangerous or even evil, while others merely think it is a Michael Emery
Michael J. Emeryfor emotionally insecure crazies!

It is unforntunate that these false views are held by many. The cause of this rests squarely on the shoulders of Hollywood film producers who have, for many years, depicted hypnosis as a means of manipulating the masses for the benefit of the few.

Stage hypnosis in its current form has damaged the general view of self hypnosis as well. Although highly entertaining, stage hypnotism has damaged the reputation of hypnosis and weakened the generic view of this powerful mind tool.

Self hypnosis and hypnosis are just words used to describe an extremely relaxed state of body and highly focused state of mind. Entering a profoundly relaxed state of body gives us the chance to remove our attention from unwanted thoughts and feelings.


With the growing popularity of self hypnosis and the growing awareness of its capacity to create profound internal changes there is becoming a greater lack of understanding about the processes involved. In fact most people never realize that they enter states of self hypnosis regularly. You actually experience states of hypnotic trance many times throughout a normal day.

The one state that most people will most quickly and easily identify as a trance state is that of daydreaming. However, when you watch television read a book or become engaged in an engrossing conversation you are experiencing different degrees of the trance state. You also enter into this type of state just before you fall asleep and directly after awakening.

All hypnosis is self hypnosis, for in order to enter a hypnotic state you must willing give your consent to be hypnotized. No hypnotist can force you into trance!

Self hypnosis can be explained simply as a very relaxed stat

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