Jun 29, 2024
Site Investigations and Mapping for Geotechnical Engineering

What are geotechnical site investigations all about?

Before construction can start, a field investigation needs to be done. This is done by geotechnical engineering firms that are taking samples of the different layers of soil.

They are testing the type of soil that the construction site has, in order to make sure that the structure is built correctly and securely. The wrong soil can mean that the structure won’t be durable and to https://syanetsugaiheki.com/ long-lasting, and might not pass the final inspection. It is also important to make sure to test if there is any underground water running through the construction site. They are also considering erosion prevention during construction.

These tests are done before and during the construction. To ensure that they have done the right geotechnical tests and that the results are still the same as what it was before construction.

What is done during site investigation and mapping

Like construction inspections, there are a couple of things that are getting done during the field investigation. They are drilling through a couple of soil layers to get soil samples underneath the surface. This soil is sent away for testing. The results are going to determine the building process, and the type of concrete that is going to be used for building the structure.

There is also going to be tested for water running underneath the ground, through the construction site. This can cause long-term damage if this isn’t considered during the foundation building.

Why is site investigation essential?

Site investigations, a specialist geotechnical engineering service that is done by geotechnical engineers, are essential. This is because the whole construction and the finished building will depend on the testing that was done beforehand and during the construction.

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